Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free eBooks? What's the Catch?

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What is the Catch to Free Kindle Books?

For the most part, there is no "catch" to downloading free Kindle books from Amazon.

Why are There Free Kindle Books on Amazon and How Does it Work?

There are are two classes of free books on Amazon.

KDP Free Book Promotions

The main source of free Kindle books on Amazon is a result of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Program. When Kindle authors sign up for the KDP program, they get a total of 5 free days within a 90 day period when they can offer their Kindle books for free.

Some authors choose to use up their 5 free giveaway days all at once while others may spread them over the course of weekends or special holidays and events.

Digital List Price of $0.00 or Free

There are Kindle books on Amazon that are listed for the price of $0.00 while not on any promotion.

Some authors list their books for free for some of the following reasons:
  1. a way to hopefully get more traffic to their other books, 
  2. a way to possibly increase their sales rank and possibly make the Amazon Best Seller List, 
  3. as a test, 
  4. a way to get exposure for their book with minimal marketing, 
  5. avoid paying high costs involved for book reviews, giveaways, and press releases

The same reasons can be applied to those who choose to use the free Kindle Direct Publishing platform as well.

Free to Borrow for Prime Members

Some Kindle authors choose to have their books available for free to borrow under the KDP program.  Amazon Prime Members pay...


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